What do we do for you?

From exploring your business forte, we design a clear road map on how to reach your present and prospective customer online through a series of frontend and backend tasks that are purely technical yet, sure of taking you to your destination.

We Are
DPLTech Team

We are a think-tank with professionals having proven hands on experience on how to design your web page, a literal digital face of your business that drives you straight into your customer’s premises, ensuring the best of the products or services you offer. From a fashion boutique to a fruit vendor, the digital platforms are inevitable forums for display and promotion and DPLTECH shoulders the responsibility of making you prominently visible through our digital and social media strategies and techniques. We go beyond the conventional techniques to see you flourishing with flying colors.

Domain & Hosting

Get Your Business

Materialize your dreams of grabbing trans-border business opportunities just sitting on your coffee table, while munching your favorite snack. We are here to host your website that travels places with your ideas and ideals. We make this process absolutely free from technical hick-ups and stay with you to support throughout.

Web Development

Get Your Website

Websites are the digital platforms that reflect your emotions and aspirations. From a fashion boutique to a fruit vendor, websites are the inevitable market places, where the customers of present and future flock in. We design your website that is easy to navigate and pleasure to scroll it out up &down.

Digital Marketing

Reach Your Prospective

We are optimists and provoke you to think about your future while safeguarding your present. We take your dreams and desires to your customers as blogs, articles, posts and poems to turn their attention to look at you. We take you through all popular sites in reaching your prospective customers.

Strategy + Implementation
= Success

DPL Tech is a group of professionals with digital media planners and strategists that have been exploring and expediting the concepts of digital marketing for more than a decade. Be it the web designing or hosting, strategizing or image building, we provide end to end solutions to reach your present and prospective customers. From visualizing your business from the customer’s point of view, we build your digital presence across the countries of this borderless world. By not just painting your images, we circulate them several times and leaves permanent imprints in your customer’s mind through innovative digital tools and techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for website development?

We charge between $1000 – $10000 for website development services. The price also depends on the package you choose and the type of website you demand. For more information, you can check with our supporting team.

Why are your services so low-cost?

We come across this question a lot and we completely understand the disbelief. We take your website objectives into account researching and planning according to them to design the final product. Additionally, we provide services remotely. This means that you do not have to pay for our office trips, air conditioning, and furniture. Plus, our team comprises a small number of members consisting only of developers, designers, and the owner hence saving greatly on staff cost.

How much time is needed to build a website?

When we have been provided with all the key information, we need from you, our developers usually take around 2-10 weeks to complete building a website. The development time also depends on how soon we receive the required content and images from you. For more details, you can check our web design process.

Do you work with all kinds of businesses?

No. We work with only those business owners who we believe we can provide concrete help to. Money is certainly not our biggest driving force. Before anything else, we try to make sure whether we are suitable for your business needs. This is exactly why we organise a free discovery session at the starting of any project.