DPLTECH.com.au is an online marketing company that offers high quality and professionally crafted online service to clients all across the globe. Our team comprises of expert, talented, and highly experienced individuals with a keen interest in creating the finest digital solutions.

We provide a slew of online marketing and web hosting services like Domain Hosting, Website Development, and Digital Marketing to name a few. Domain hosting involves hosting domain names for individual websites or company sites that are then used in URLs as a form of identification for the same. Additionally, our website development services will take care of all that your business requires to create an attractive set of website and apps for traction and profiting sales while our digital marketing services will ensure that your business receives deserving promotion and publicity to attract customers.

We have been an active service providing organization for over a decade providing admirable cleaning services all across Australia leaving a trail of a great number of happy customers behind us. In addition to that, our team members have achieved impressive goals in the world of digital marketing with some holding an experience of 11+ years in the field.

As mentioned above, we have a long list of content customers as a testimony to the excellence of our services. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and our entire crew is dedicated to providing the best possible services and solutions to our clients not only on time but also at the most affordable cost.

Transform your business with DPLTECH HANDS

You can leave all the stress of your business or eCommerce website’s development in the hands of expert web developers and engineers who will completely transform your website into a promising portal for profitable sales and fruitful business. Moreover, we ensure that our development process is fast and services are provided on time.

What We Cover

App Development

Our team of expert engineers offers exceptional app development services including designing mobile, web, native, react or hybrid app development for attractively low prices making high-end app development affordable for simply established businesses as well as start-ups. Our developers are certified, experienced and highly trained in programming and designing the most advanced, smooth, bug-free and lucrative apps for any business.

Web Development

Our web developers are capable of creating basic static pages to comprehensive and complex web applications with amazing, attractive and interactive additions like plugins that enhance user experience and keep them coming for more purchases. Our engineers also offer proficient support 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure that our products continue to run smoothly.

PHP Framework

We provide dedicated and highly skilled PHP developers who are adept at crafting impeccable back-end elements and server-side web applications as well. We specialize in integrating apps with profitable and useful third-party web services and our PHP developers design multiple web-based solutions and are experts of using its framework and incorporating the best of its offerings. Hire PHP Developer today!

Ecommerce Solutions

When you hire expert eCommerce developers from DPL Tech, you will also guarantee great customer traction and unending profits for your business. Our eCommerce programmers have spent years getting trained and gaining experience in the field of eCommerce websites and offer amazing, cheap, dependable and highly lucrative solutions for online businesses. So, book our expert eCommerce solutions now!

Digital Marketing

Our proficient staff aces the game of digital marketing. With years of considerable experience, practice with advance digital marketing tools and a long list of pleased clients, our engineers are exactly what your business needs to grow in the market. Our excellent digital marketing services are cheap and will ensure that your business reaches your target audience effortlessly and surely.


  • Designs that attract customers to your website
  • Smooth, fast, interactive and bug-free website performance
  • Guaranteed high ranking on search engine results