What are the charges for website development?

We charge between $1000 – $10000 for website development services. The price also depends on the package you choose and the type of website you demand. For more information, you can check with our supporting team.

Why are your services so low-cost?

We come across this question a lot and we completely understand the disbelief. We take your website objectives into account researching and planning according to them to design the final product. Additionally, we provide services remotely. This means that you do not have to pay for our office trips, air conditioning, and furniture. Plus, our team comprises a small number of members consisting only of developers, designers, and the owner hence saving greatly on staff cost.

How much time is needed to build a website?

When we have been provided with all the key information, we need from you, our developers usually take around 2-10 weeks to complete building a website. The development time also depends on how soon we receive the required content and images from you. For more details, you can check our web design process.

What information do I need to provide?

The information you need to give us depends on the kind of website you require. This can be further discussed over our inquiry call after you get a quote from us. According to the development package you choose, we may require:

Do you work with all kinds of businesses?

No. We work with only those business owners who we believe we can provide concrete help to. Money is certainly not our biggest driving force. Before anything else, we try to make sure whether we are suitable for your business needs. This is exactly why we organise a free discovery session at the starting of any project.

Is a face to face meeting possible?

We are an online web development company and only conduct virtual meetings via Skype or Call. It’s highly unlikely for us to meet people in-person. We love how today’s technology permits us to help businesses create their dream websites anywhere around the world. Although we prefer not to meet our clients in-person, we can meet you face to face if necessary with an additional consultation fee for commute and if possible, accommodation.

Will I be given a payment plan or schedule?

Yes, we divide the payment into two taking 50% after you have seen the dummy homepage and chosen to go ahead with our design and the other 50% after 30 days of the same.However,it depends on deadlines and our initial commitment.

Is it possible to make the final payment once the site is ready for launch?

No. Projects can take much longer than expected to be completely developed. Waiting for more information from clients can take time and in turn, delay the process extending it by many months. Hence, we choose to invoice 30 days after the first payment. The good news is that by then, we’ll have completed a big chunk of your site and would be able to show you the development practically.

Who hosts the website?

When we develop a website for you, we take up the hosting responsibilities as well. Our security experts ensure that your website is run safely with individual management for every client’s website. Plus, we use the same trustworthy local hosting company for our clients’ websites that we have been using for the past 5 years for our own. That’s not all! Each website we develop features limitless bandwidth, 2GB Ram, 20GB disk space with 99.9% uptime.

Can the website be updated by us on our own?

Yes, you can easily update your website using WordPress or any CMS, the platform we utilize to build your product. To make changes, you do not need to know or learn to code. Our team will share you KT (Knowledge Transfer) by the time we deliver the project.

Can I get content services from you?

Depending on the package you go for, we can provide content for your website. We have an in-house copywriter who will provide content based on your requirements and business objectives.

How do you design my site?

Our specialized developers build your website using the information that you provide and advanced tools like Photoshop and WordPress. We prepare a dummy design using Photoshop and use your feedback on that to further develop your site.

Is it easy to change my existing website?

Having an existing website is actually ideal as your business can continue running while we work on building a new one. As soon as the new one gets ready to go live, we can easily swap the two. Our expert engineers will take not more than 10 minutes to complete this step and you’ll have a brand new website up and going with zero hiccups in your business and sales!

Will my website run smoothly on mobile devices?

Yes. We will ensure that your website will be completely responsive and work perfectly on every digital device with no extra charge for the same.

How long will it take to get my website on Google’s first page?

Search engines keep changing their criteria constantly and this affects how a website ranks. Many of our clients’ websites have made it to the first page that too within just 2-3 weeks of going live! But some have taken up to 3 months to get to the same level. Sometimes competitors may be a step ahead given their big marketing budgets or experience. To conclude, we’d say that there is no clear answer to this question. But we guarantee that we’ll try our best to achieve this goal.

Who hosts the website?

To lessen your burden, we offer hosting services for your website if we build it. We will undertake the 0 payment for the first year and provide you the renewal information with an invoice. You can also choose to get the site hosted by another company or manage it yourself.

Will you buy the domain for me?

Certainly. This would probably be the least we can do for your trust in us. We will buy the domain for you for the first year until it is available to buy. Also, will provide you with the annual bill and renewal formalities with hosting fee. Please note that personalised domains would charge extra.

Will I get SEO for my website during its development?

SEO can be provided to you if the package you choose allows it. It is generally a long-running ongoing commitment requiring constant work. We offer a special package that will help set the foundation for future SEO experts that you appoint. Our DPLTECH website plan features basic on-page SEO for 10 pages with keyword research and optimisation services included.

What happens if I don’t like the product?

We take our customer’s feedback very seriously. Thus, we ensure that all your conditions are met to perfection. We offer a no-risk guarantee to clients using a free dummy website homepage created according to your specifications to help you experience the website practically beforehand. We shall also provide a free dummy design layout for you to consider for a few days and decide whether you wish to continue with us or not.